Dear readers,

My name is Stanley William Davis and this year I have been so greatly honored by the Turner Fellowship Selection Committee in being named a Fellow for the 2022-2023 Calendar Year. Consequence thereof, I have been placed, in so far as my work-service assignment for the Fellowship is concerned, with the Nashville non-profit “Dream Streets”, working with them this summer in assisting the “Summer Days” programs for the young. I am set aflame by service for which the volition of its execution is animated most truly by my faith; service is but love acted out and acted upon, and I feel blessed beyond measure to serve G-d in serving others this summer. I look forward, ardently so, to working with Dream Streets this summer in serving the West Nashville community in whatever ways the organization sees fit given their experience in anticipating and addressing such aforementioned needs. My work with the organization will begin on June 13th in the year of our Lord 2022 and will continue consecutively until the 6 week period of 240 work hours are satisfied in accordance with the obligations for which are the accompaniment of the Fellowship. Even once this period of full-time work is over during the summer, I am excited to be able to continue work with this organization into the Calendar School Year and quite possibly beyond. In closing this introduction, I should like to thank, once more, both the Selection Committee, The Turner Family, and Dream Streets for giving to me this opportunity to serve; may G-d bless and keep you all.

With warmest regards I remain…


Stanley Davis

May 31st, 2022 AD

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